Friday, December 19, 2008

Good New Bad News: In This Case It Helps To Have A Sense Of Humour

The good news is the facial surgery left me with fewer wrinkles and I look a lot younger, but I realized yesterday that my hairline has receded a bunch. Oops.
— Andrew


  1. Receding Hairline! JOIN THE CLUB!!
    Lookin' good Amigo, Stephen says you are making great progress. We race each other to the computer every morning to see the next picture. I think Susan is jealous of the nose and the no wrinkle thing! Keep up the hard work, it's paying off.

    See you soon .......Marty

  2. Lookin' FAB young man!!!
    Great to see your progress.
    You will have to tap into Martys' hat
    collection now that you have joined the Club!

    Great pics Deb. They are the highlight of our day.
    All our Love Peter & Caroline

  3. Are you compensating the receding hairline with the goatie?

    I'm happy that you guys set up the blog, it's nice to see how you are doing.


    Jean-Pascal, Mtl, Canada

  4. my god, it was good to see you...


  5. You look 10 years younger!!!

    It's a great idea to set up the blog so that all of us in the Great White North can keep track of your progress. It looks like you're doing great!

    I hear it's very cold in L.A. We've been getting lots of snow here. It will definitely be a white Xmas in Ottawa!


  6. Andrew,

    I was just dressing Georgia, and I realized that you both have the same number of wrinkles on your foreheads.

    Same hairline, too!


  7. That hair do is all the rage, and I have the perfect polish to keep it shine. waiting for the day that the beard disappears
    Love you Mom

  8. Andrew and Debbie.
    You two are doing great and I keep up every morning. We had a power failure here today for about 30 hours and I was really anxious to get back and see how you are doing. It looks good and you are the Candle In The Wind for all of us.

  9. 2009 will be better for you Both. I check in everyday to see what's up. Not sure the spray painting of the hair is the way to go. Men are too consumed by hair. Skin is good.

  10. Just watching your 10 lb of chocolate video. I'd rather have fruit but if you like chocolate,
    so be it.
    Looks like you are really doing great. Hi to Deb.