Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Playing Ball can be Hard Work

My occupational therapy session today was to start moving around in the chair so that I can relieve the pressure on my butt every once and awhile. Occasionally people ask what is the difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy and this is how it was explained to me. Physical therapy gets everything working so you can move yourself from point a to point b. Occupational therapy is the smaller motor skills you need to perform once you have arrived at point b. Judging by how tired I am at the end of the day I just call it hard work and more hard work.


  1. Good morning from the snowy north! Andrew, I can tell by that determined look on your face that you are working hard. Kudos to you for giving 110% even on the days when you don't really want to! The effort that you have to put into your rehab is incredible and you should be so proud of what you have accomplished. We sure are!
    Tons of love

  2. Morning Andrew, sunny but snowy here, so what else is new. Just waiting for the day you can throw that ball. I check up on you every morning and you are doing amazingly good. Everyone is rooting for you, even a couple of 'street men' at the coffee house send good wishes. Love you Mom

  3. Andrew.

    Keep up the efforts bud. – Thinking of you daily.

    Deb, you’re a champ for keeping this blog up.

    Thank you


  4. WOW! I have heard that down there it is "Go Big or Go Home." Even when it comes to the therapy ball! Keep up the great work. Looks like you are succeeding with your determination. Nice to see you sitting up. Not many minutes go by in the day that we don't think of you and Deborah.
    Love ya bunches
    Caroline (The Outlaw) :)

  5. Oli's words say it all.

    Thanks to all of you for helping out and being there for my buddy.

    S. Mikolas

  6. PT & OT are just that, getting there (PT) and doing stuff once you arrive (OT).
    Andrew you're there AND doing stuff so everything is on track!

    Susan, Andrew never has days where he's not motivated for rehab! And IF he starts to slip, motivation wise, I WILL help him see the err of his ways... ;-)