Friday, January 30, 2009

Balance: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I have a yoga teacher that is fond of telling me that we are balancing on our two feet— it’s just that we tend to forget because we’ve been doing it for so long. Just close your eyes and you will be reminded that stability takes a little work. When I watch Andrew precariously relearn the fine art of balance within the limits of his spinal injury I realize the fine line between dependence and independence. Andrew is doing really well, metaphorically speaking walking the tight rope and he is expected to be a very independent fellow once he is through the rehab process. —deb


  1. What an incredibly beautiful post. You brought tears to my eyes.



  2. Well, Thankfully Tre'v is not normal or average in any sense of the word..since ive know him, he has shown me what the word Commitment really stands for..and from being lucky enough to work with him on a few projects..I have learned Many Many much that I could not possibly right it all down..To me, Tre'V is our Earthy version of Yoda..thats right, YODA from star wars..He talks smart like him.. He can make sense of things that seem to make NO sense.. He fully belives theres nothing that cant be done, if you put your mind to it..And now with that damn beard..I think he even looks a lil like YODA.. Eh!! lol. So Tre'V..What I see in seen in a many GREAT people!! And I am glad to know,have worked with, and be friends with, One of the Many GREATS!!

  3. so good to see progress. I hope this blog keeps going after Trev goes home and keeps the positive side up. great to show other people who have had misfortunes that life can keep going forward.

  4. Keep it up Andrew! And thanks Deb for your tremendous efforts in keep this BLOG up.

    Thinking of you daily Andrew…