Monday, January 5, 2009

Insult to Injury

Sorry no photo today. Tomorrow I have to go back to the other wing of the hospital for a quick surgery to fix my pressure sore on my sacrum. If you don’t know where that is you will have to look it up. If you were thinking of visiting call first or wait a few days because I’m not sure what kind of shape I’ll be in. I’ll be back soon. —Andrew


  1. Hope you heal up quick! (I'm sure you will) Give me a call when you feel up to it.


  2. Tre To the V!!!
    You are the MAN!!! Cant Wait to get break you outta there!!! Get you some real food and fun!!
    But sleep with one eye open, cause if your sleepin when im gonna shave that damn Sasquach off your face and give you one of them Backstreet boys beards!! lol
    Love you man!!

  3. Good luck today, Trevitt! You're always in my thoughts, and today especially I'll be sending you positive ones. Can't wait to see you and Deb again when you're feeling up to it!


  4. Wow
    Glad to hear your on the recovery.