Friday, January 16, 2009

Huffing and Puffing

There was a lot of huffing and puffing as the orderlies moved Andrew and his bed-of-sand across the hospital over to the rehab unit. After a few dodgy moments Andrew made it over safe and sound.


  1. Andrew,
    So happy you're back in a cute house, would be terrible to have you in one which didn't match your pretty face, now sans wrinkles. :) Found that 30 lbs you "lost," we'll see if we can set up a donor (us) to recipient (you) lipo tube system when we get in to see you.
    We're just so proud of your almost daily accomplishments on this journey to wellness, and most of all of your determination and spirit as you ride these new roads. We know God is riding with you and your navigator there, bless you and Deb as you forge ahead.
    Love you,
    Uncle Dean & Mari K

  2. Andrew great talking with you today and nice to hear you are feeling better. Awesome to know that you're glad to be back at the acute re-hab wing again and able to resume your focus on recovery. That bed must way almost as much as a Chevy.


  3. Andrew - its been many years since you hot lapped me around in your folks 6cyl volvo or Fiat 131, but I remember those good high school days well. Get well fast buddy!
    your old friend Darrin Noble

  4. Get well soon. Thoughts and prayers...

    -A fellow cyclist.