Friday, January 23, 2009

I Feel Like A King

After nearly three weeks confined to lying on my back I’m finally allowed to eat in a semi sitting position. It takes two people to prop me up on my wedge and the PCA (personal care assistant) likes to joke that I look like a king. All these simple things seem so ordinary until they are taken away from you. —Andrew


  1. Way to go Andrew, that must feel wonderful and you didn't even have to wait the full 3 weeks. you'r getting closer and closer to sitting up
    Love Mom

  2. Hey Andrew, it's great to see you make progress. I was bummed to hear that it happened and still am. I wish you the best and will continue to monitor your progress.

    as a side note, i've set every bike i've owned since 2001 or so to your suspension guide so that's at least 7 (since i've helped friends too). i will be buying your book but i've been watching for signed copies.

    Mike Wallace

  3. That great. You deserve to be treated like a king afterall you have been through.

    I guess there is no whee to go but up now.


  4. I have been following Sport Rider, and Andrew's articles, for years (which I truly enjoy)...Although, I've never meet, Andrew, I feel that there is a connection, and to some (small)degree -- I know him. Not in a weird way... -- How? through his articles and reviews, it provides a perspective into someone's thoughts, views, expressions...and his pics from the mag adds a physical layer.

    Nonetheless, I am extremely saddened by his accident and injuries, but at the same time inspired by his SPIRIT!

    This is a GREAT site, so keep-up the GREAT work!


  5. ...and you look like a lion!

    Keep it up man, you're my hero.

  6. Trev:

    Glad to see you improving. Thanks for keeping all of us informed by this blog. It seems like only yesterday we were having a beer and benchracing at Indy. Keep those spirits up and I will continue to pray for your recovery.

    Jaime (Bavington's friend)

  7. You should totally have them make you a scepter. I'm not sure what scepters do, other than to bash your minions when they get sassy, but it would be fun :-)