Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I’m Running a Fever

Just a quick note as long as my fever is down I’ll be back to acute rehab by Friday.


  1. Steve - Chawn - ZekeJanuary 14, 2009 at 8:09 PM

    Hey Andrew, GREAT to see you this week. Your strength of character and always great sense of humor were in full form ... no surprise. I'm proud to know the two of you!
    Sorry to hear about the fever, kick it's ass Andrew!

    PS: Thanks for the tips on the collar bone ... getting a second opinion end of month!

  2. Hey Andrew, I only heard about your accident when I received my copy of SR yesterday...I was seriously bummed! It's great to see you're making good progress. While out exercising, I had a semi-serious "bicycle/SUV" encounter in '06...struck from behind, no fair! Seven(!) surgeries later I was (almost) good as new...minus thirty pounds for having my jaws wired for three months. Well, I've gained 20 back, and am seriously contemplating if I can market facial reconstruction surgery as a dieting method! Let us know if you ever get out to Tennessee so we can watch you disappear up the Dragon at Deal's Gap. Can't wait to read your articles again partner, and we're praying for you and your family!

    Steve Hays

  3. Andrew,
    Just heard about your accident on the net. I've been looking through your blog and you seem to be taking it in stride. Stay strong and that chocolate bar looks GOOD! You'll be back in no time. Whoever the lady is who calls the shop about your suspension book is very persistent. I think it is time to get a couple copies. Come say "hi" to us when you are at the MotoGP in Indy.

    The gang at Ducati Indianapolis

  4. Trev , this is Bill Werner hope you get better soon .i will be sending things for the auction at Daytona. I will be checking on your blog to see how things are going