Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lunch is served!


Lunch ended up being a success. Ryan - one of the other patients here - and I cooked pasta with meat sauce along with a salad and bread. We started at 10:00 and served exactly at noon, surprisingly. Debbie brought cupcakes for dessert, I had so much pasta I had to save my cupcake for later.

This afternoon I went to see the dentist about my broken tooth, which will have to be replaced. No more Punkinhead Martin soon enough!


  1. wow! it even looks like the dishes are done.

    well done.


  2. Was the big bowl yours??

    erin :)

  3. Hey eh, I remember back in the 8th grade when I took a header on a bicycle and took my front tooth out. I remember getting called so many names...but the one I remember most is "play-doh fun factory". Eating mash potatoes in the cafeteria and pushing them out! Talk about entertainment value.


  4. UTIs are a bytch. It's something we paras get becuse of all the IC nonsense.

    I just got over a bad one myself, usually I can tell when they're starting, so I can get some antibiotics before the infection gets out of hand, but this last one hit me outa nowhere. 102 degree fever, in Kaiser for two days. Bleah, I hate hospitals.

    UTI aside, sounds like your're doing great, what with all the injuries you sustained. Keep the faith there Andrew, don't let it wear you down, 'cause it can. Also, get some vitamin D supplements & calcium pills. You can get osteoporosis pretty quick sitting in a chair. Take it from me, I know...

    Matt Cuddy