Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 11: Dealing with Setbacks

4_19_aIt was a pretty unproductive week as I spent most of it in bed, but I would still prefer to look at it as a week closer to being home than a wasted week. My UTI was very frustrating and probably set me back more than a couple of weeks. The only direction to look, though, is forward to the future. Once I've licked the UTI I plan to work even harder!


  1. It must be tough to have to wait to kick this infection, but overall it seems like a minor annoyance in the face of all the tremendous progress you have been making. But, yeah, waiting sucks!!

    Dave Flowers

  2. Love the picture Debbie. That Teddy wouldn't happen to be white would it?!

  3. Hang in there. I know you want to be home, but better to have an issue like this where it can be treated effectively. My son has been a T4 for 4 years now and issues come along from time to time. I know it is frustrating but you have a lot of years ahead and this will seem trivial with time.

    Darren Nixon

  4. hang tough andrew...

  5. lick the UTI? awful visual, thanks

    hope you're doing better