Monday, May 25, 2009

T minus 1.5 days

After telling us all weekend there would be no therapy today, they sprung a morning's worth on us. Stretching, the standing frame and a trip to the gym were on the schedule for me. I played hooky from the gym, as did most of the other SCI people, and we hung out with the other patients throwing water balloons at the staff. It was a pretty good morning.

Debbie and I had visitors all afternoon, which was nice, and the extra day off has let my arm settle down a bit. The range of motion looks to have dropped another few degrees in just the past few days, so I'm hoping there's not too much in the way of strenuous work tomorrow. Last day and all before surgery, I think I've got a pretty good excuse to slack off a bit in any event.


  1. Tre- to the 'V'!!
    Glad you had a great weekend (even tho I never saw the BBQ invite!! unless Steve forced himself there in search of the famed Canadian BBQ food!! lol! Well back from Miller now! let me know if we can get you some In-N-Out before surgery!! otherwise, we'll hit it when you get back!!
    You da man Tre'v....You da man!!!!

  2. In-N-Out...that's your schedule at Huntington... right?

  3. hope all go well tomorrow