Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy busy


With three doctor's appointments, Debbie and I were busy running around all day, even without therapy. This morning we were at the plastic surgeon's getting my bedsore checked out - all is fine on that front (er... behind). This afternoon I had an ultrasound to check out my kidneys and other things inside. And finally the podiatrist clipped my toenails. With no feeling in my toes, it's evidently dangerous for me to do that myself as I could hurt something and not even know it. So it's pedicures from now on for me.

Believe it or not, I've got eight doctors looking after me. The plastic surgeon did my face and behind (both sets of cheeks, as my sister likes to say). The podiatrist looks after my feet. Then I've got a urologist taking care of my innards, a dentist who will eventually fix my tooth, the neurosurgeon that fixed my back, the orthopedic surgeon who fixed my elbow and wrist, a general doctor here at the Casa in charge of my overall treatment and an endocrinologist to keep track of my hormones (because with a traumatic injury they go haywire). I have to see all of them on a regular basis right now, but that will taper off over time once my body settles down a bit.


  1. Hi, Andrew -

    Keep up the great work, and hang in there with all the doctors.

    When I went through a head/facial trauma back in '02, I found that getting my teeth fixed at the end (after all the other procedures) was a BIG psychological boost. In many ways fixing-up the teeth at the end is somewhat minor, but it made a huge difference to me after slogging through 6+ months with a messed-up mouth. Who would have thought that root canals, implants, gum surgeries, and crowns could bring joy? ;-)

    Anyway, good stuff is on the horizon.

    And you continue to inspire us all...



    Santa Barbara, CA.

  2. Eight doctors? That's NUTHIN' ! Why back in the day I had that many Neurologists! On account-a my brian (see: ego) was SOOOoooo damaged it took a team to comprehend/develop the strategy/prognosis. ;-)

    Just kidding Trevo, last time I saw you you weighed under 110!? Boy do I feel guilty now...
    Great to read your doing so well, we'll get up there soon.

    Andyrew Mealtone