Monday, July 27, 2009


Well today was really a "this is the first day of the rest of your life" day for me. The weekend felt like the last couple of weekends at home, but it really sunk in on Sunday night when I didn't have to rush back to the Casa after dinner. And then again this morning, the first Monday in a while that I haven't had therapy, it was a treat to have a leisurely breakfast and do normal everyday things for a change.

We haven't done a whole lot so far. Yesterday we went to the gym in the apartment complex for a bit, and there is one machine that lets me do a lot of the exercises I need to, so that's nice. Today Debbie's nephew arrived in town for a visit, something that was arranged long ago and just happened to coincide with my first week home, so we drove down to the bus station and picked him up. Otherwise it's been pretty quiet, which is exactly what the doctor ordered for this week.


  1. Hi, Andrew -

    And once again, welcome home - you da man.

    "Quiet" sounds pretty good to me, and I bet it felt really GREAT for you - well done!



    Santa Barbara, CA.

  2. I don't know what kinda "Doctor" your listening to..but im guessing its not the one with #46 on his front # plate!!! Cause he wuld be saying "Today..twas a Beddy good day, I try to relax, but find it is better to puch!! And Tre'V..I think you Beddy a a Fast in your Puch to get home!! Isa..Isa Beddy nice to see you to...a...a..Complete your training and be a..How you say...A Super Man?? Oh..Superman!! Si...a.. I hear you have Beddy good teeam!! and dis Debbie...I see..she like my Jeramy no?? Yess!! Shee Beddy good to make a..a.. Da Cupcakes!! and you say...Coukys?? Oh, Si, Cookies!! Beddy good!! I wish I say I good luck to you and your Team.. How you say Luv?? yeass..Dis Team Luv is Beddy good I hear tings a lot of good!! the girl..she ride for you no?? Si..Beddy good!! I hear yu are Dee Man!! si.. like I say..Da Superman!! Tank you Beddy much!! The Doctor!!
    Oh and a P.S. Tell a Ricky Booby!! I a big fan!! and hope some day to ride wit him sumtime one day no?? Si!!! So as your Doctor, I say GO!GO!GO! Go Beddy Fast my friend from the above America place dat is Beddy Beddy Big!! How you Say Can a Da?? Si!!

  3. Relax and enjoy, both of you, you have truly earned a rest, love , Mom/ Margaret

  4. good to see you well

    from a friend in NJ

  5. Congrats on making it home. I hope that you make great strides to independence and recovery as you go on in this journey. I'm a little over a year into mine since my accident, and hope the best for you!

  6. I know it's great to finally be home. I also know it can be tough getting adjusted to your new surroundings and new ways of doing things. I can honestly tell you that it will get easier with time. I'm 21 months out from a SCI due to a motorcycle accident (ran over by a tractor trailer encroaching in my lane), and I'm still learning and adapting. Just like in riding motorcycles, the more you practice and repeat good skills the easier your daily routines will become post SCI. I've enjoyed reading your posts and am very happy that you continue to recover. All the best!

    Joe Howard
    Johnson City, TN

  7. Congratulations on reaching a major milestone!
    All the very best and warmest regards,

    Bob S.
    Murphys, CA

  8. Hi Andrew,
    It is great to hear of your progress. We will have to do lunch soon since you are in town a lot now. Things are getting better with me I am down to just a few more legal details and one physical one. I am going in for hip replacement at the end of September. So I am doing what I can to get ready for that.
    It was really great to see you happy after all you have been through over the last 9 months keep up the good work. I hope to see you soon.

    John R.
    Moorpark, CA.