Thursday, September 17, 2009

A stimulating day


In physical therapy today I got hooked up to an electrical stimulation cycle for the first time. It's a stationary bicycle that my feet get strapped into, and electrodes attach to my legs. The bike starts out doing the pedaling itself, but after a couple of minutes the electrodes start to work and my legs take over. There are a few benefits to doing this; it tones the muscles and helps prevent atrophy, it gives a cardio workout, and it can help improve circulation and reduce spasms. It was really odd to see my legs work - and to break out in a bit of a sweat - when I wasn't doing or feeling much of anything. It certainly did seem to help with the spasms for the rest of the day, and that alone makes it worth doing regularly.


  1. 23 more days....So you better get in the best shape you can before we take our "lil weekend trip" Thats 2 more days than 3 weeks..just incase you felt like being confuesed!! lol!! Just waitin for the "Word"... As the Late and Great Kung Fu said... " is time" Well hell I think Ricky Bobby coulda came up wit somethin like that!!! Don't make me call him and have him write out ANOTHER prayer!!! 23 days...thats all ya need to know!! eh!! I myself think it will be great therapy.. but who am I... but the WISEST bald dude you know...just!!

  2. still here from NJ..still rooting for ya

  3. Hi, Andrew -

    Wow, well done - sounds like a wonderful thing to keep up muscles and get the ole blood pumpin' - pretty clever gizmo!


    All the best,


    Santa Barbara, CA.

  4. Very cool, sounds like a great machine.