Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cooking (and cocktails, of course)


Lately I've been trying to do more cooking, making dinner on Saturday or Sunday night while Debbie is at yoga or just taking a break. Last week I made these pulled pork sandwiches with a spearmint/ginger/tequila concoction on the side, and last night it was a beef stir-fry with lemon drops. Debbie suggested a site - Cooking for Engineers - with recipes that detail every last step so that it's hard for me to go wrong. Cooking may not sound like a big deal, but wheeling around with pots and pans full of hot foods and liquids is definitely tricky.


  1. Most cooks plan their meal around the main course. I'm thinking you plan yours around the cocktail!

  2. That food looks good!

  3. Still waiting for a Pepsi and cupcake know it's inevitable!!

  4. As a matter of fact....I was just thinking... I think ANY meal would do much better with a tall (1 liter) Perfectly chilled pepsi!! And for dessert...Why not throw in a couple of Cupcakes!!! Someone is reading my mind!! (kinda scary!! but cool at the same time) My purpose on earth here is to spread the word that Pepsi and Cupcakes DO infact constitute as a meal!! :) My work is almost done here!!

  5. You are known for you cocktail prowess, you get guests feeling happy with much style and penashe (sp?) but any blood alcohol level makes it difficult to have dissatisfied customers!

    Feeding guests/friends (as your wife does sooo well) is a step up as the endorphin intoxication of a guest from the enjoyment of your food is a much more gratifying achievement than getting them drunk.

    It's good to see you stepping up! ;-) ;-) ;-)

    J Andyrew

  6. Nice - well done, man!

    And for the hard-core physics/engineering perspective on cooking, it's hard to outdo "molecular gastronomy" - for real...



    Santa Barbara, CA