Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That Dang Tooth

George is doing a good job of keeping me company

Earlier this week the doctor tried to put the post in for my front tooth again, but unfortunately there still wasn't enough bone for the implant to take. He used bone powder to fill in the area (as opposed to doing another graft) and now we have to wait another two or three months for that to set.

The procedure wasn't a complete loss. While he was in there the doctor took my wisdom teeth out, something that needed doing as well. So a bit more of a wait for the tooth, and for now I'm doing a pretty good chipmunk impression.


  1. thats a pretty big smile for someone who just had all that work done! Good for you Andrew, I know how much you love the dentist!! P

  2. Hang in there, Andrew - they'll get the tooth dialed-in soon.

    The dental restoration road can be a frustrating one (I've been there), but just think how much better off we are nowadays than, say, 100 years ago...