Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sitting Balance

Sitting on the floor - not as easy as it looks

One part of rehab I don't miss much is the sitting-balance practice, but we've started to do more of that here at home. I have to sit on the floor without back support, and Debbie and I play catch for a while. The idea is to make me reach for the ball as much as possible and still stay balanced. It helps get my abdomen muscles working, and I also have to get out of my chair and back in from the floor - more practice for fall recovery.


  1. Hi, Andrew -

    Sounds like a very good skill to maintain - plus you and Debbie get to play catch in the living room like a couple of kids - how cool is that?


    Keep up the great work...


  2. Maybe you could train George to play catch with you!

  3. Now I bet if it was Gimlets you were tossing back and forth...not one would get away!! :)
    Oh.. Nice Shirt!!
    You da Man!!


  4. My PT did this exercise where her 5 year old son was to knock me over as I defended from the Greco Roman starting position (on hands and knees).

    Me and the kid laughed allot... ;-)

    J Andrew