Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wheelchair Mobility

The hills don't seem as steep as they used to

When I go back to a place I haven't been for a while, it always seems like the doors are easier to open, the ramps not quite as steep. It's not that the doors or ramps have changed, but I'm still getting better at wheeling around. Lately Debbie and I have been trying to find some new places to explore, and finally visited the park that's across the freeway from us. Turns out it's got a few paved trails and some steep hills, so it's perfect for wheelchair mobility practice.


  1. Paved trails, steep snow! Now that would be a challenge. Minus 16 today in the Great White North. Enjoy the sunshine as you explore.

  2. Can i give you a push??? Debbie , on the return trip do you just give a shove, jump on and hitch a ride to the bottom of the hill/ What goes up has to come down. Keep going, love to both Mom / Margaret

  3. Stud Boy is getting in shape!
    John Madden would say "look'et the Hooks on that guy"!

    Go Andrew!
    J Andrew