Sunday, February 3, 2013

Even More Wheeling

The dyke trail at Deas Island Park

Deborah and I continue to find some great hiking and strolling spots. The latest one is right across the river at Deas Island Park. Deas Island is just east of us on the river, and has 10 kilometers (6 miles) of trails. There is also an old Victorian house, a one-room schoolhouse and the Delta Agricultural Hall; otherwise, there is not much there and it was pretty quiet even on a Saturday afternoon. As I've mentioned before, there are tons of eagles just south of the river, and there were two right in the parking lot as we pulled in. The hard-packed gravel trails were fairly easy to wheel on but there were some sandy patches that Deborah had to give me some help through - pretty typical of most other dyke trails in the area. We have been in Vancouver for more than a year now and I had never heard of the park, but a couple of weeks ago we were out looking for some eagles and happened to drive by the entrance. We will definitely be back again as there is plenty more to see there.


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