Sunday, April 21, 2013

Adidas MiCoach

MiCoach GPS route overlaid on Google Maps

Recently I started using the Adidas MiCoach application on my Blackberry. The app is actually intended for runners to keep track of their progress over time by tracking each workout using the Blackberry's GPS. The data can be uploaded to the MiCoach website, and you see all the details - speed, distance, elevation, and even steps and heart rate can be monitored and tracked. All this data can be overlaid on a route map, as I've shown above for one of my trips into the village.

There are other similar apps for the Blackberry, iPhone and Android phones, and I will be trying some of them in the future. I am pretty happy with the MiCoach application though, it is easy to use and shows all the information I need. What's ironic in me using it, though, is that the premise of the application is to keep track of the mileage and wear on your shoes. That hasn't been much of a problem for me lately though, no matter how much I wheel...


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