Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bearing Weight Once Again

Today the orthopedic surgeon gave us the all clear on my wrist and elbow brace. The bones have healed nicely; now it’s a matter of gaining back the strength and range of motion. The surgeon wrote orders that the therapist can use more force with me so I started to use light weights and this elastic thingy. I can already feel myself gaining back the weight I lost after the surgery and I’m looking forward to getting out of this boat in six more days. —Andrew


  1. Ok I have to do is customary....ahem (pause)
    Koorookookoo koorookookoo...Hey Hoser...Howz it goin eh?
    Hey Trevman, good to see ya. Basil Andrews here wishing you all the best from all of us in the Canadian National Superbike Paddock. Get well soon buddy. You have some great people around you I can see. Your Yoga "teacher" (ahem) is a hottie...atta boy !!

  2. Hi Andrew,
    your good lady sounds a real gem. A big thanks to her for the superb blog she's set up.
    We keep tabs on your progress on a daily basis.
    Your attitude to this present situation is humbling to us lesser mortals.
    Wow bro, you sure have a lot of fans in your corner. (who said bikers are bad)
    We did not mention the Canada division in our last message, our sincere apologies.
    our best wishes to you Barry & Jan

  3. Keep at it Andrew. Glad to see your 'bearing weight' once again. I've been reading your words for years in Montreal until I had a tip-over on my V-max that put me in the PT's office for more visits that I want to recall. But it looks like you're in good hands, and with your attitude you'll make leaps and bounds.
    I moved to Las Vegas recently because I was envious of you getting to ride all winter, and I loved your article on the new V-max so much that I thought I'd sign up for the delivery list.
    Finding out today that you had an accident has been hard on me. But I know you would say that enthusiasm is the most important thing, so I just wanted to return the favor.
    Keep up the hard work and it will pay off for you. Best of luck Andrew. -Scott from Ontario

  4. Hey there Trev,

    Met you at Jason Pridmore's STAR school at SOW. I was fortunate enough to have you pull me over. I distinctly remember our conversation, because the first words out of your mouth were, "Are you comfortable leaning that far over?" I had a good laugh with that one. I remember your parting comment later that afternoon as well, which was something along the lines of, "You might want to consider racing." Can't afford to do that, but it was a seriously confidence boosting comment coming from somebody such as yourself.

    I'm sorry to hear about the accident and I wish you the best of luck w/the recovery process. It, like anything worth doing will be grueling, and at some point may seem impossible. Keep your head up, there are plenty of people rooting for you. All the best!

  5. Tre'V!!!! You Da Man!! We can use that elastic band for a Banjo when your done with it!! and play some Honky Tonk Music!!!! Doesnt that sound like fun?? :)
    See ya soon!! Sweet potatoes in hand!!

  6. four more, three more, two more.....
    now take it from the top....



  7. Hello Andrew! I miss you and the rest of the Sport Rider gang (if you could call it a gang--more like a troika). Laura has been updating me on your progress, and now with your blog, I can actually SEE it. Your strength and attitude are amazing! What the hell is Kent doing without you?? Keep getting weller and weller.
    Suzanne Perreault

  8. Glad to see you're making a steady improvement. Just one more week to go, huh? That's awesome news! Sorry I haven't visited as much as I should have. I'll come see you soon. Promise.

    Miss ya, bud.

  9. It hurts so much to see one of us down, but i wish for all the world that if i have to walk in your shoes, that i am able to do so with the positivity and strength you show.

    Get well, and thank you for your hard work and advice.

    Bruce Steever, 2Wheel Tuner

  10. Andrew,

    I've never met you but when my friend Troy talks about you, it's nothing but praise for your generosity, personality, skill, and professionalism. Your progress over these past few weeks has been nothing short of amazing. I wish you the best, and hope to meet you when you're back on the horse. Keep it up brother,


  11. musclesssss!!!
    so glad to see that you've started again,
    I kicked my parents out for another week to go down there, you lucky, no really your lucky, (just joking)
    But my mom is going to print my speech and read it to you, because its all about you!!!!
    I can't wait for you to hear it, I hope you like it:D

    love erin,

  12. Good to see you getting healthy. Can't wait to hear you're up and about again.

    Keep up the work!