Monday, January 12, 2009

Evening of the Day

St. Andrew Catholic Church Old Town Pasadena.

Time goes slow when your stuck in bed, but it's nearly the end of week one.


  1. It might be slow, but doing a good job of healing is important. Don't get too antsy! Keep working on those eye exercises. Give me a call anytime you like.

    Pete and Jenny

  2. Got to spend around 2 hours with Andrew yesterday, its great to see his energy level constantly progress. Not that it was a suprise, but it's still nice to hear how impressed all his nurses are with his independence.
    St. Andrews was what I was looking at from Andrew's room last night. I was guessing it was City Hall.
    Nice picture Deb.


  3. Hey Tre to the "V"!!!
    Save room for them Mashed taters on Wed!! think were gona mix it up from the Sweet mashed to some Garlic Mashed Potatoes from CheeseCake Factory!! So see ya tomorrow with goods eh!!! You da Man!!! Love, Team-Luv!!
    P.S. Cant wait to get you some real food!! like IN-n-OUT!!! MmmmmmMmmmmm!!!

  4. Hey Andrew!

    Just wanted to say HI & I'm thinking about ya!!

    Stew Goddard