Sunday, January 11, 2009

Visiting Happy Dude

I wouldn’t lie to you this is no cakewalk, but Andrew’s optimistic nature sure helps me and everybody else. Like they say attitude is everything. — deb


  1. Hi Andrew!!
    It is so nice to see your smiling face again!
    We've missed it the last few days.
    Lots of love,
    Peter and Caroline

  2. Ditto on that!


  3. Deb: thanks for keeping us all in the loop. Love what you are doing with this blog.
    Andy: your an inspiration, love that smile! With the brace off, where will the Superman sticker go? Tatoo maybe? JP

  4. Andy... what the hec???
    Andrew, I'll get JP up to speed bro...I think he's a litlle dicombobulated, his 'condition" is most likey due to the combination of 4 wheels and the Daytona infield. He better find a place for a Superman sticker on that car!


  5. Hmm lets see ,a beard, tattoo and that dental work. Those guys from Milwaukee will be offering you a job for sure!


  6. Hi Andrew & Deb,
    we follow your progress every day and wish you a speedy recovery. Chin up bro we are all routing for you.

    Barry & Jan

  7. Hi Andrew. I have been a big fan whether it was the great mag articles or briefly on TV with Kent on Motorcyclist TV... I am trying to raise more awareness about your blog and get donaters for your bills brotha'! Can I have permission to use the photo of you in your brace and one before all of this happened in my Cause in Facebook? If so, please email me at
    I'll see if Greg White will join the cause and maybe he can also help circulate this.
    I wish you the best recovery. We don't want to miss you each month. You're a great contributor to the sport and all riders out there to include myself.


    Ben Moore (also in Facebook)