Monday, January 19, 2009

Overall a Pretty Good Day

After getting some rather alarming news about my weight I had a pretty good day overall. Since I’m tipping the scales at 104 lbs they decided to graduate me from pureed food to chopped food. Even this small change is a big improvement in taste. Also the good hospital folks started me on a medication to boost my appetite. I’m going to need the strength because the therapy people have very creative ways to whip your butt even when you’re stuck in bed.

PS Thanks for buying my book and your kind donations to getwelltrev. There is one signed book available and more will be on the way.


  1. They're gonna give you lots of reefer so you get the world's worst case of the munchies? Dude, your situation IS improving!

  2. I told you Tre'v..That Ty-Dye Hendrix shirt is setting a bad example for your fan base!! tell em you didn't inhale!! tell em!!! lol!! Tre'v..You are the Man!! Cant say it enuff!! If only you were American, we'd make a poster child out of you!!! For Strength, and everything that follows it!! You the man!! See I said it again!! I just cant get enuff of it!! I could say it a thousand times..and never get sick if it!! YOU DA MAN!! :)

  3. Keep it up!!!!!

    Giannis from Greece

  4. Glad to hear you've graduated to chopped foods and that your taste buds agree!!

    James K

  5. Just to let everyone know, that rubiks cube
    is not just for decoration, Andrew won a contest with a fast time of under 2 minutes when he was 15! Trevitt Trivia for inquiring minds that want to know!!

  6. Best Wishes!
    Mark W

  7. You're not allowed to take the stickers off the cube ya know....;)

    Sign my book for me?

    Love your 2nd favorite Canadian,


  8. Hi Andrew,

    Your good attitude is going to make getting through this a lot easier. I've had a couple of bad crashes since the last time I visited with you guys in the LA offices and have spent many months recovering in varios beds and chairs. The drugs definitely helped--they make cable television much more interesting. But what helped even more was avoiding self pity, which is something it looks like you've already figured out.

    If you get bored with reruns of "The Deadliest Catch," send me an email at I'll hook you up with some reading material. I've got more than just motorcycle and car books for you, too; I've got a house full of literary books, military histories, and even a huge pile of action-adventure pulp novels. I found those were the easiest to follow when I was on massive narcotic cocktails.

  9. Hey Trevitt!

    Not to sound (too) gay but I was just looking at that photo of you and I in Sain that Dewhurst took during an R1 intro a few years ago and where we're crossing a bridge side-by-side. Those were good times and I look forward to riding with you again.

    I have to say, for whoever reads this that doesn't know Andrew all that well, he is a true gentleman, and honest, stand-up guy, and one of the most kind souls I've ever met. He is also a fighter and I know from the bottom of my heart that he's going to impress the doctors with his speedy and full recovery.

    Much love to you, Trev! And I look forward to seeing you again soon. I was up at 6420 the other day and it's not the same without you!

    Brent Avis

  10. Hang in there, man. Been following your situation since I heard about the accident. Best wishes for a full recovery.

    John G

  11. Same sentiments here, Andrew -- and all your loved ones! Hang in there. I've been thinking about you alot.

    You gettin' any good drugs, man? Percocet? Mmmmm. Have one on me.

    Seriously, best wishes. Keep moving forward.

    Dana in Philly

  12. Hurry up and get better, so you can go back to work!

    Seriously, I look forward to your speedy recovery buddy.


  13. Man, your are tougher than me!!!
    Hope you can get out of the hospital soon and get some real rest at home.
    In the future I'm sure Rainey would help you get in a Super kart!!!

  14. Hi Andrew
    I met Marty today and we had a real nice chat. We would like to help sell your books in Canada. Let me know what we can do in selling the book. I am trying to get confirmation of daytona coverage on Speed Channel, Marty will inform you of my plan. I would imagine you are ready to get out of the big house. Rehab can be difficult and at times difficult. Please keep the fight and listen to rehab specialists. I hope you can get home soon and start working towards your new goals. We are thinking of you and your family. Will stay in touch.
    Get well soon.

  15. You always were a skinny bugger. The book sold out too huh? Put me down for a couple and I will get them when I come to visit soon. Love - Japhy

  16. Andrew,
    Your courage in the face of challenges is inspiring. Having spent 11 months in your situation, with 11 major operations, I empathize entirely and wish you a rapid recovery to full function and great riding.
    Best wishes, and keep writing.

  17. One word Andrew .... Poutine !!!

    Maybe Sanair Speedway can do mail order.

    Keep up the fight !

    Darren Knight, Bowmanville , Ont

  18. i want a new picture showing your plumping self.
    love ya!

  19. Andrew and Deb,
    Wishing you all the best. I hear Susan and Marty were there. I know they wish they could be there all the time. Watching, and praying. You are doing GREAT, both of you.
    Love From all the Rapai's