Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reporting From the Hospital

We received official notice today that I will be moving to new rehab facilities on Monday. We're not sure what the situation is for visiting hours, but it's a lot more strict than it is at the hospital because they don't want the patients being distracted while they are undergoing therapy. We'll post more details when we get there.


  1. Good news indeed. What is the extent of your injuries?

  2. So after years of guerilla photo shoots on public roads without permits, sneaking out of the racetrack well after dark after Wingman has waited until the last photon of light has come over the horizon to shoot, performing all sorts of shenanigans at manufacturer world press launches ("This tire's coming back with nothing but cords!"....the infamous Banister/Dubai hotel room thrash caught on film, etc.) think that's going to stop us from sneaking in and slipping you some good food and alcohol?? Puhhhhleeeeeez!


  3. Great news, Andrew!

    The pictures you posted didn't show any bars on the windows, so the view should improve. I bet you'll even be able to enjoy some time outside instead of locked in a high-rise.

    Good news all around!


  4. Steve and Chawn and ZekeJanuary 28, 2009 at 11:13 PM

    Great news senior! Great to see you ready to roll and getting mobile. Monday is gonna be a HUGE day!

    We'll get out to see you next week ... think we can sneak your favorite hairstylist in to see you? I think Zeke would really dig the beard!

  5. Can't wait to see you on the move.

    There's a few squares squares for you, Deb, and family on the Super Bowl Pool... I'll keep you posted.


  6. I love Kent's comments! We are a bit far to help with the all the mischief but we (I speak for the bunch of us here in frigid Montreal) holy support all bending of the rules, provided Andrew agrees of course!

    JP, Mtl

  7. Things are looking up. Stay strong man. Plenty of us are pulling for you. Peace.

  8. Sneeking Food and Alcohol???? PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE!! How bout sneekin you off campus and causing all kinds of Havoc on the City of Pomona?? Now that sounds like fun!!! Im scouting out big'ol hills to race down as we speak!!! :) Finaly my weight will work to my advantage!!! I'm so ready!! Bring it on Hoser!!! lol but of course we'll bring Food and Alcohol as well!! lol