Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back In the Saddle Again

It was a big day today. I got transferred out of my sandbox into a conventional airbed and sat up for the first time in three weeks. I briefly got back into the wheelchair and promptly took a trip abound the rehab wing. It was great to sit up and find that I already have enough strength to work the chair.


  1. Anti-Punkinhead! Fantastic photo! Great to see you up and about. Good to talk to you too. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Pete (yflp-w) and Jenny

  2. Wow. This is awesome. Enjoy the heads up display of life!

    josh n

  3. Tre'V!!!! you da man!!!So do you Double apex the left handers?? or do you go in tight and square it off when your doing laps?? I know you don't do anything slowly, you are always the most determaned dude we know!! you set the pace, you set the bar, you set standards others wouldn't dream of... You Really are the Man Tre'V!!! Still waiting for someone to counter on the bid to shave the beard!! lol!
    See ya soon eh!!

  4. Hi, Andrew -

    So VERY glad to see you making progress!

    We're thinking of you and sending you positive vibes from up here in Santa Barbara...


    -Paul Bryant.

  5. As they say in Montreal, "Tabernac!" You're Up?! My buddy went through a similar accident and still has trouble sitting upright in a wheel chair and it's been 3 years. You are making amazing progress! You deserve a Montreal Canadiens Jersey - Oui? I mean Toronto Jersey!

    Dat Louie

  6. I can't believe that one minute you're in that "tub". I go and grab a bite with your sister Susan and Marty, a couple of hours later you're in the new bed. I get home after seeing you today and here's a photo of you doing laps in the chair...above and beyond bro! Words can't describe your determination Andrew, the picture say's it all, thanks Deb.


  7. Hi Andrew,
    Great to see you in the vertical world at last.
    I bet you are glad as well.
    I spoke to two of your aunties recently (Doris & Brenda, the first time in about forty years.
    They were both well and were thinking of you.
    Does the chair have slicks?
    Barry & Jan

  8. Holy Shite man!!!! This AWESOME. Even the people in the background have a look of amazement!Deb, thanks for the pic, it's a doozie! Well done Andrew , you ARE the man!
    And oh, Ricky Bobby, I'd pay 120 loonies eh, to equal 100 of your amurican dollars if you shave a giant heart on one cheek, cause that's what the he's got!
    All our love Andrew and Deb
    P & C

  9. Way cool!

    This pic put a huge grin on my face this morning. Really happy to see you out of the tub!

    Keep at it!

    JP, Mtl

  10. It's good to see you making progress. I am having trouble keeping up with how fast you're getting on.

    Keep up the good work.


  11. Wow, good stuff my man. All the best - Japh

  12. Great to see how well you are doing!

  13. Great! Good to see you up and smiling man! Just keep up the positive attitude and hit the weights! Talk to you soon, Trev.

    Joshua Henry

  14. Andrew, best picture I have seen in years, I knew you would soon be rolling around but not quite that soon. No racing in the hallways and I think they have a max. speed limit for those contraptions
    Love you Mom

  15. Awesome to see you up and about wanker man!! Sweet beard too dude, I have the perfect lumber jacket to go with it...:)
    Mark and Julie

  16. Trev,

    You sir, just made my day. Thank you so much for your fighting spirit and incredible attitude, it's an inspiration to us all.

    When's your first race scheduled to start? (I'd suggest ceramic bearings for the chair... they're faster!)

  17. Amazing! You're my hero!


  18. Being here to see this is amazing. Anyone, who is waiting until next week to visit, better be prepared to Run along side him to talk.
    YOU are gunna whiz through rehab buddie.

  19. WOW WOw Wow

    So when do the Carbon fibre wheels get added to the chair to reduce the unsprung weight?

    Way to go

    Alan Burns

  20. Glad that your're off the beach! Hope to see you soon.


  21. Hey Trev:

    Finally figured out how to post on this things. Good to see you yesterday. Glad to hear you're out of the sandbox. Let Diana and I know how the glasses are when you get a chance to try them out. See you soon.


  22. I'll have to send you some tassels and fringe for the new scoot.

    Paul J. and the gang in Milwaukee

  23. Dude....I think now that you're up and about, the Grizzly Adams/Karl Marx/Vincent Van Gogh/Jerry Garcia beard has got to go. I'm too broke to match E-$$$'s bid, though.

    Tabernac! Sacre merde!


  24. Way to go Trev! Just say the word and I'll get some bling for your scoot. Of course, it'll have to go in BFK first. :)

    You know, I was looking through some pics of the recent WSBK test in Portugal and with your "Jerry Garcia" beard you look just like Gary McCoy! I swear it's like the two of you were separated at birth. It's pretty funny.

  25. WOW!!! YAY ANDREW! You are my hero:)

    Good think you aren't back up here - we do have a shortage of winter tyres. Stay in Cali my friend and we'll come see you.

    Lots of love and hugs


  26. Trev- you get back into a set of wheels and it's a Cruiser? Come on! Don't they have anything "sportier" in that Hospital? Next you'll be sporting chaps and fringe vests to go with your "harley" beard and cruiser. (it is a cruiser, feet first = cruiser).

    You've made amazing progress, and I wish you all the best.


  27. Just bought a book. Hang in there dude!