Monday, January 26, 2009

One More Day in the Clink

I'm out of the bed tomorrow.


  1. Woohoo! Great news!

    I bet you can't wait to be in a sitting position again.

    Of course, this means it's back to rehab, right?


  2. You go Tre'V!!!
    You da man!!! Even tho you still look like you got a Hairy beaver stuck to your face!!! i'm bidding $100 dollars to shave my own design into your beard!!! and you have to wear it for a full day... and if anyone wants to come in with another $100, i'll take one side...they can take the other! Thats 200 loonies there eh!! thats where the bid ready for any takers..(But you are super amazing homie!! Keep up the good work!!)

  3. AWW Well Hell Mr.Money..Ricky Bobby here!! Why i'll put up some money against your money that your putting up your money for some add space on Tre'v (aka I like crepes) Well damn! I think if I win a bid, im gona shave in a picture of a "Sweet dear baby Jesus, presious 8 pound 6 ounce Golden baby Jesus" all curled up in his lil Jesus blanke by the hay stacks there while a bunch of old dudes bring him presents and gold and stuff like it was Christmas or sumthin crazy like that!! Oh hey!! Kal says "Shake n Bake" Tre'V!!! OK, Go sit down now Kal, i'm talkin here.. Yes I told him about the Nacho cheese fountain!! Anyhow...where was I?? Oh yeah, So there I'll be..shavin a "Sweet baby Jesus" onto your cheek..of course i'll point the butt away from your nose, cause thats just the kinda guy I am!! I love you Tre'V...Just like a "Sweet Canadian Baby Jesus" oh and thank my sponsors for my 23.4 Million..."Whoooooo" And my smoking hot wife "Whooo" and my two lovely children, Walker n Texas Ranger!! Whoooo!!! Shake n Bake baby!!!! Shut up Kal!!!!
    Yours truly...Ricky Bobby...

  4. Out of the sand pit! Yes!

    JP, Mtl

  5. 'Bout time! I invited a few people on my small list of moto-people to your Facebook group thingie yesterday.

  6. You know. Some people pay a lot of money to sleep that close to sand...

  7. We miss you up here!

    Race City circa 1990's eh?

    I will think about you every time I come out of the chute now:)



  8. Who's this handsome fella?

  9. Hi Andrew,
    Glad they're getting you out of the pit.
    Now you are on the computer again, have a look at to see what my weekly fix has to offer.
    Ben Spies is going to kick some serious butt
    this year. Keep up the good work Andrew.
    Barry & Jan.

  10. can't wait until tomorrows picture.



    Umm...and you're talking about a receding hairline now?

    Sorry, had to add to the latest entries in the blog...

  12. Glad to see your progress with Peter.
    What a great family you have! Keep up the great work. You are TRULY AMAZING.