Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Road to AU⋅TON⋅O⋅MY

1. independence or freedom, as of the will or one's actions: the autonomy of the individual
As my eyesight improves and my arm mobility returns my big sis Susan and her husband Marty decided it was time I had use of a laptop. This is my first time on a computer since the tip-over and the first time I had a good look at my own blog. After enlarging the text to the largest size I was able to read some of the comments and have a good chuckle. This really made my day. Thanks everybody!


  1. shows you how naive i am, i thought you'd been doing that all along.

    Mike W

  2. Hello Andrew and Deb,

    I recently learned of your tip-over through Kent's column in SR. I also happen to be friends with one of your coworkers at the mag.

    I am very sorry to hear of the incident but am glad to see you have a positive attitude toward your recovery, and good friends and family around you.

    I just wanted to pop in a comment here to let you know that strangers you've never met or heard of before are big fans of yours, and are thinking of you and are pulling for you.

    Hang in there Trev, you can do it!

    -Mark V

  3. Trev, met you a few times @ Laguna during WSBK back in the day. Here is to your full recovery dude. Get well and have your mum bring you a video game device like a PSP so you don't go nuts! WSBK tested last Friday and Spies is looking very fast on the new Yamaha!

    -Booth from Texas

  4. Fantastic News Andrew! Great pic too!
    Heard you liked your lunch and scarfed up the brownies...
    Tonight's dinner is chicken with rice and gravy!
    See you then.
    xoxoxo Meg

  5. Trevitt, it was great to see you looking so perky yesterday and gobbling up Meg's yummy food. More pounds look good on you, so keep up the good work! I'm thrilled that you'll be in your new fancy rehab digs sooner than expected. You'll blow them away with your amazingly positive attitude and determination!

    I'll definitely swing by for one last Pasadena visit this weekend.


  6. We all know why your attitude is so positive, you are Canadian! Get well soon and take care. Love the blog Deb, great job. Try to get some more signed copies of your book in stock, it's hard for us Canadian's to buy it when it's not available. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.

    Lee Hindle

  7. Glad to see your recovery is coming along s well Andrew.
    We're all pulling for you down here in the LBC.
    Keep up the great work!!!!
    Matt @ Design Works

  8. Hi Andrew
    Sounds like you are going in a positive direction, glad to hear. I'm not sure if rehab is ready for you, sounds like you are ready for rehab. Your family has been amazing we know you are going to drive them crazy soon. Keep positive. We are thinking about you.

  9. Andrew,

    We have been kept up to date on your status since 2 days after the "tip-over" by our son, Justin, at SSB. I am glad there is the Blog now, too. My husband and son have read your stuff for years. Keep up your good attitude and hard work; it has served you well and will continue. God speed.

    Billie & Ken Fivella
    Martinez, CA