Thursday, February 12, 2009



  1. Ah, the Trevitt gift of understatement. As long as you keep your sense of humor, you've got this thing licked.


  2. Ahh!! But one Mans Torture is nothing more than a scratch for ol' Tre'v!! I hope you looked at the Dr. and said "Do you know who I am" and open that Roots sweatshirt to reviel the big "S" on your chest!! just don't show him the cape!! Dr's don't like the capes!! lol
    Glad the trip when smooth, Let me know when you want another IN-n-OUT run!! or Sweet mashed taters!! its up to you Super Tre'v!!!!

  3. The doctor could have used a better description in this particular case, I'm thinking :-)

  4. Torture? Uh-Huh, yeah right...
    Andrew it is ALL upside from here, I mean how bad can it be, getting those braces off is going to yeild SOME discomfort, for a LITTLE while, an inconvenience, you've been through worse! This is going to be NOTHIN'!!!


  5. I don't know why I've put dropping a line off for so long. I've been a reader of your work for many years and look forward to having the Geek back at SR. People tell you they know what you're going thru but unless they've been there they really don't know. Today marks the one year anniversary of my last surgery and to tell you the truth I feel great. No more pain and eventually you'll get there; I know that day seems so far away. Just know that you'll have me pulling for you to come back all the way like I hope I have.

  6. well well well.
    i get my braces of on March 12th:D:D.
    its not torture:P lol
    it just hurts a little bit ,.
    good luck !!

  7. Hi, Andrew -

    I was wired shut for 2 months a few years back after breaking my jaw (in three places!) following a car-induced bike get-off up on the Crest. I ended up in Huntington Memorial as well, and they were great. In terms of the wire/brace removal, it was nowhere near as bad as they said. The doc gave me local anesthetic, told me all about his new Duc during the procedure, had me laughing a few times, and it wasn't so bad at all. I bet you'll feel so relieved to be done with the braces that it'll be a net positive for sure.

    Anyway, just to let you know they talked it up and it was no biggie when the time came. Anticipation was the worst part, as usual.

    Have a great weekend - we're all pulling for you!


    Santa Barbara, CA.

  8. Enough about you. This is about me.

    I NEED a copy of your book. But I refuse to buy one unless it is SIGNED, by you of course, and they seem to be sold out of the signed versions!

    But seriously, Get well soon.