Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Brother Leaves Tomorrow

Andrew on the left and Peter on the right.


  1. Bummber Petey has to go!!! Altho had I seen this pic before we went to eat, I would have given him crud aboot the macho man pose!! haha!! Is that what you guys used to race on?? Im guessing those slick tires don't work great on the Grass there eh?? lol
    Great to see you rollin around there Tre'V!! Dont forget to pace yourself!! we know your Superman..but even Superman needs a break here and there!!! You da Man!!!

  2. Great picture Deb, I had no idea that Andrew went through a 'hippie period'.
    Peter, It was nice spending some time with you during your stay here and look forward to your next visit. Thanks to you I'll have to find a Mediteranian restaurant out by my place.
    Safe travels...


  3. Great picture I agree with the macho pose. Those were the days when real race bikes were two stroke, man have things changed. Keep up the good work and do get some rest. I'll stay in touch.

  4. This picture brings back so many memories! Racing for the Trevitts was truly a family adventure and tradition. Our family spent many weekends at the race track. It all began with our Dad, Colin, who always raced or was working on motorcycles as far back as I can remember and encouraged my brothers' passion for bikes. Stephen was the brains behind the engines as the 'team tuner'. I was the one who got to carry the helmets back to the pits!! Boy was I proud to do that! I always really wanted to be the 'umbrella girl!'
    In college, we debated nature vs. nurture in child development. I think for the Trevitt family, we are genetically inclined to love motorcycles and the racing sport. However, without our Dad's encouragement, support and his sharing of his passion with us, none of us would have the fond memories that we do of growing up around two wheels. And what wonderful memories they are!

  5. Looks like Andrew is drafting him for the pass at the checkered flag. :)

  6. Cool to see the Racing images of you and your brother.Also good to see a Blog showing your progress and support from Friends and Family....

  7. I remember both bikes, the Can-Am which was really an Armstrong with the Rotax 250 tandem twin, and the TZ250 S model with the Deltabox frame. More Trevitt racing pics please! I also remember some really ugly brown leathers which I think Peter used to wear, then handed down to Andrew. They fit him like a 3 dollar suit too - Japhy