Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eatin' at the Big Table

This was my first meal in three months sitting at a real table in a real dinning room.


  1. Senior Trevitt...It was great to see you a little over a week ago and already I see you moving forward in leaps and bounds. You are freekin' amazing. You make me want to be a better person and I just want to say thank you for that. Looking forward to seeing you back at work real soon. Hope you enjoyed the brownies!


  2. Andrew, thank you so much for the updates. You really are a special super human. When you are ready for some South OC grub for lunch, just say the word. We will bring enough for you, your trainers, and that pet furry thing on your lower face. Hope to see ya soon.

    Jan, Jeff, Russ, Greg, Agata, Justin, Karl and the whole Irvine fan-damily.

  3. Its great to see you eating at the table , only thing missing is one of your cocktails.

    Looking forward to seeing both you soon.

    Deb, There is not much I can add to the comments posted about You and Andrew by friends and family , you make us proud every day.

    Your big sister Darlene and proud brother inlaw Shane

  4. What we're NOT seeing is the after photo, where half of the meal is still in his fuzzy face warmer!

    Congrats, Andrew. Your progress is stunning.

  5. Gosh dang! That is a heartening picture. Seems like your progress is exponential. See you soon!

    Pete And Jenny

  6. Just Wait Tre'V till we take you out for a REAL MEAL!! At a REAL MEAL table!!!! And a small meal deal for the lil Critter on your face..I like Marc's Fuzzy face warmer too!!! lol!! You The Man Tre'v!! You the man!!
    Oh and Debs the WOman!!!! the world would be clueless if not for her work here!!!
    You Go Girl!!! and as soon as I can eat cookies again... it will be..You Go girl!! and make me some cookies (please)!! lol

  7. Keep it up. You are doing great. I hope that you enjoyed that meal!

  8. Andrew,

    It was so amazing talking to you the other day, you are an inspiration to my own recovery. I mean if you can do it and stay so positive I sure can.

    Thanks for the reminder, and kick in the butt, to stay focused and positive.

    I visit your blog every day - and it keeps me going.

    xo - thank you

  9. Glad to see you are progressing well Andrew! Keep up the hard work, I know you will!


  10. Yeah, well, now that your at the grown up table maybe you could SHAVE!!!!!!!


  11. Trev you're really starting to look like an authentic Canadian with that slap-shot smile and fuzzy face. And it's not even playoff season yet dude!
    You're an inspiration man...

  12. Hey Eh, It's aboot time you got to your roots and grew one of dem dar great white north face pieces. I saw Zach at the DR ride and he told me of your progress and it gave me goosepimples/tears at the same time. I wish you all the donut strength in the world and as soon as your stomach can handle such a behemoth the donut king will deliver!

    I wish you all the best and I hope to see you soon,

  13. Trev is that a bib on your face or some kind of Canadian New fashion...O stay away from the Gummy bears


  14. I just bought some stock with In'n Out Burger. Is that insider trading???
    Way to go BRO!


  15. Lookin'FAB sitting there.
    Looks like your first week at Casa Colina has
    been great physically and mentally.
    Each day comes bearing its gifts. Untie the
    Luv the smile.
    CAT aka The Outlaw

  16. Hi Andrew
    Good news to see you are improving. for such a tragic event you have come a long way. We are hosting a Daytona Party to help raise funds for your medical expenses. March 6th at Players Sports Bar in london, Ontario will host the event. we are asking suppliers to donate product and will have auction at the event. Hope to get books from Peter to sell at event and in dealership. Keep up the good work and I hope the North american motorcycle community helps to support you. talk to you soon.
    Gord Inglis

  17. It is good to see your face and see that you are getting well.

    Just like most of your readers, I am not used to seeing you looking like a lumber jack.

    Take care

    Jack Sterling

  18. Andrew,

    Heard about the news in Dec and glad to have found your blog. Your positive attitude is inspiring!

    Of course, you should really show us what's underneath the cover on that tray ... :-)

    Fellow rider.