Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Rolls Around Again: A Note to Andrew

It’s twelve weeks from the day of your “tip-over” Andrew, nearly three months to the day. Considering what you did for a living I never deceived myself that this could not happen to us. It’s been no walk in the park seeing you so badly hurt, but I’m thankful for all that we have and seeing you improve everyday.

Our lives won’t be the same and sometimes that’s hard to wrap my head around, but like you told me in the emergency room, “everything is going to be fine.” Keep working hard and soon enough everything will be fine.

love you always, deb


  1. Hi Andrew & deb,
    It's a shame how such a fantastic pastime (bikes) can give such a buzz and when you least expect it, it bites you in the butt.
    Well Andrew, you are doing fantastically well
    in your uphill journey and you obviously have
    a superb lady by your side. Keep it up buddie.
    Deb,we can only imagine the pressures & anguish
    you are facing but hang on in there you are Andrew's rock.
    all our thoughts and best wishes are with you
    Barry & Jan

  2. You wouldn't happen to have a sister there Deb would ya?? Awesome note!!!

  3. We all love you too Debbie, you make one of the best daughters in law Margaret

  4. Deb, thank you!
    Steve, Alec, and Camille


  5. Debbie, a note to you,this must have been one of the hardest times of your life and you have come through it with flying colours. You are truly an amazing and wonderful daughter in law. Andrew is very lucky to have had you behind him all the way and we all love you Mom/ Mrs T / Margaret

  6. Debbie; Mom is right! Eric says Tre V is the Man but You DA Bomb! .........Marty

  7. Andrew and Deb,
    Keep going, you're doing a wonderful job. I meet Andrew years back in Willow Springs. Keep the heads up and the positive actitude.
    Warm regards
    Sergio Villalobos
    San Diego

  8. Reality bites. I just got life insurance for my 2 year old daughter so that I could still ride. Pretty selfish of me actually. I tried to quit and do the sports car thing instead but it ain't the same. Maybe carting? In any case, I feel for you and hope all goes well. The beard is more HD now than Sport bike.

    Marc in Santa Fe, NM

  9. Hey Trevitt,
    You look positively Lincoln-ess! Or is it Lincoln-like? Something about the beard, I suppose. Keep up the hard work, your improvement is awesome! I really appreciate it that you and Debbie take the time to keep us all informed. Come to think about it, you also resemble one of the Smith Bros. (of cough drop fame).
    take care,
    Jim Brown

  10. Hey Deb everytihing is going to be fine, different, but fine.
    I am/we are sad to see the two nicest people we all knnow going through such an ordeal and we are all here for you both, all of us, all the way...

    You rock Hon!

  11. Hear-Hear Mr Milton!!! Very well said!!! and I will just second that!! Were all here..for anything..anytime!!

  12. Hello Trevitts,
    Andrew, you are right as usual...everything will be fine. Your devotion to each other is so beautiful, very few people ever find that. There will be hard times, but you both are very strong people and you'll get through it.

    I have no doubt that Andrew will fly through rehab and amaze us all, and we can't wait to see him back at work when the time comes.

    Like Andy said, we are here for you.


  13. Andrew,

    Just a random fan of yours wishing you the best in your healing. It is just a new chapter in life so remain positive, and I know you'll carry on strong and inspire others along the way.