Sunday, February 8, 2009

One Down



  1. Hi, Andrew -

    Glad to hear you had a nice rest over the weekend, and here's wishing you lots more forward progress in the weeks to come. We're liking the nice hand-written notes, and look forward to more good news soon...


    All the best,

    -Pawlie & Libby (and Penny & Jasper the felines).

    Santa Barbara, CA.

  2. Trev,

    I must say; your handwriting is already about 217% more legible than mine. I 'spose it's good therapy, but come on man... you're making the rest of us look bad!


  3. Hey Andrew...That ping pong table in the backround...Game-On Dude! You will be "Stove Top" bro.


  4. Hey Trev, glad to you're making progress on the physical therapy. Hang in there,


  5. WOW OWOWWOWOWOOW, you are writing now!? This is awesome.
    Geez a few days away from my computer and MY HOW THINGS CHANGE!?
    I am missing being able to bring you homemade dinners Uncle Andrew! I have a mac and cheese casserole just waiting for you.

    And Hayden wants to come visit you too. He is bummed you "moved", from Pasadena, but I have tried to explain the best way I know how that you had to go to another hospital to get stronger and stronger. His response was "so he can have big muscles like me??"
    My reply, "EXACTLY"
    So glad to see you are enjoying the outdoors (sans any snow from Canada...) but still wearing your Roots jacket. *smile* Now where is the hat we gave you??
    Big HUGS and kisses,
    Meg and Hayden

  6. Hey Andrew,
    Denise and I have been following your progress since Pete sent us the link, your doing great, we're all pulling for you up here. It looks like you've made some great and supportive friends there. Glad to see your getting regular visits from the family. We have not had the pleasure of meeting Deb but it seems you have quite a lady there. All the best and we'll keep tuning in everyday to see how your doing. The Punkinhead post was great!!

    Take care, Steve

    ps:gonna start a ground up resto of the Can- Am soon, the new Calabogie track is calling!

  7. You've only been there a week and you're writing, doing push-ups and wheeling yourself around? At this rate we'll see a picture of you with the Casa Colina Ping-Pong Championship trophy in no time!

    Good job, Trev. I'm rooting for you all the way. Get it? "Root"ing? :)


  8. Glad to see you are working hard at The Casa. I'm not surprised though. You are probably one of the most hardworking people I've worked with. ;)
    Hang in there!
    p.s. how's the beard???

  9. Andrew,

    I’ve been following your progress thru your Blog and texting Bobby Brady.
    Sounds like things are coming along … slowly but surely, just want you to know I’m
    thinking about you. I’ll stay in touch

    Mark Gallardo