Sunday, February 22, 2009


(bigger color version here)

Debbie and I figured you've all seen plenty of my furry mug in the last few weeks, so we're going to sprinkle in some archive pictures every now and again. This is a shot of my dad on his Honda CB175, sometime in the late sixties, probably at a track called Harewood. Check out the Dunstall tank and handmade megaphone exhausts, along with the period riding gear! This bike would eventually be the bike I rode my first race on, about 15 years later at Shannonville.


  1. Check out the big grin on Dad's face!

  2. I think your Dad was still tinkering with that bike when I arrived on the scene at the Trevitt house. Is that the one that Peter still has? Do I feel a joint, family, resto project coming on ? Mabee we could even get one of the new generation Trevitts to ride it someday.( Iknow I'm to old)

  3. Can you imagine your book back then?? Chapter 1. Fork adjustments using quarters for preload
    2. Adjusting your rear shock with a c wrench.
    The End
    Boy times have changed! Awesome pic, brings back
    some great memories. Thanks.

  4. Scary part is you can see the grin on your dads face!!! Man!! what were they thinking back then!! lol Awesome shot tho!! its clearly in the family blood i'll tell ya!!
    How did you bleed those drum brakes back then?? haha!!
    Tre'V...You are the man!!! Just like Kal says "shake-n-Bake"!! I could say it a million times and never get tired of it!! "You da man"..Say it again?? "You da Man"!!! Gets me everytime!! lol So you want to tell me how you like "Crepes"?? or "Really thing pancakes".. :)