Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week Three: Done! and My First Post

Finally my eyesight has improved to the point that I can see what's on the computer screen, and my dexterity is good enough that I can use the keyboard. That means I can create my own blog posts, and this is the first one.

Week three went really well, I'm getting a lot better at wheeling the chair around, and made it over to the doctor's office in the hospital - about 200 yards all together - on my own. This is the last week of the restrictions on my bed-sore surgery, so I can stay up in the chair as long as I want starting on Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to that, as they took my prone cart away so it's either the chair or the bed for now. My back is still a bit sore from my little mishap in the chair last week but it's pretty much better now and I'm a lot more careful with the weights and when I'm doing things. Putting the brakes on and bracing myself well on something are pretty important when reaching around, I'm finding out. The chair has a mind of it's own sometimes...


  1. Hi Mr T
    it's great you can focus properly again
    and be able to do your own blog Andrew.
    you are coming on strong bro, keep at it
    but be careful to set your launch control,
    to gentle, on the chair.
    I have just set up my new scanner so I can send
    a simple family tree to Peter.
    I need an E-mail address to do the same for you. all our best wishes Andrew
    Barry & Jan

  2. Andrew,

    It may be converted to ones and zeros then back to ASCII again, and fingerprints do not transfer like a writer's pen, yet somehow it's comforting to know you're actually the one pressing the keys on the other end.

  3. Congrats, great to hear/read.

  4. Hi, Andrew -

    It's nice to know that the bloggage is now flowing forth from your very own digits!

    Keep up the great work, and pump that iron...


    All the best,


    Santa Barbara, CA.

  5. Hi Andrew,

    It's great to see how quickly things are coming along, even though it probably still seems like forever sometimes. I've been working out here so that I'll be able to keep up when I visit.

    All we've heard about so far is the macho stuff like weights and exercise. I remember Deb was excited that they were going to teach you how to do laundry at Casa Colina. How's that part going, huh?

    See you Tuesday,


    Great seeing you and Deb today.


  7. That chair's got a mind of it's own huh. Probly brings back memories of riding that old Honda pile of yer Dads then? I'm sure that thing did some things that caught you by surprise... ;-)


  8. My word verification for the above post was "allsor", kinda fitting dont'cha think!? ;-)


  9. Glad to read the therapy is going well. Lots of folks up here in Canada are following along. I've torn down a few CB's in my time too. Racing 'em must have been fun and surprising all at the same time.