Sunday, February 15, 2009

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  1. Hey Andrew,

    Glad to hear thigs are progressing well. Keep up the good spirits.

    Thinking of you north of the border,


    PS Cool Roots hat...

  2. Ooooooh poor ol inocent Tre'v... much like the "DEAR Baby Jesus" innocent and golden!! in your 'lil Canadian blanket and sweatshir and hat! All curled up sleeping soundly after a long days workout.. But the truth is...its a trick..they don't loose things!! you gotta believe me Tre'V!! there using you for some kind of Crazy Exp.. I think is all the falunting of the Canadian wear and flags and all the "eh" "eh" "EH" talk!! there on to you man!! Dont worry!! we'll come save you!!! lol... NOT....hehe!! See ya soon!! Food in hand!!

  3. Oh P.S.
    Do you have a Permit to carry those Guns?? :)

  4. ...well done Andrew - keep the good news coming!



    Santa Barbara, CA.

  5. I got my tickets.....;)



  6. Andrew,

    You're looking great! Super Man indeed!

    Compliments to Debbie on the great job she's doing on the site keeping us all informed on your remarkable progress. Knowing the driven racer in you we expected nothing less. Can't wait for the day you tell the therapist, "enough with those wimpy seven-pound weights - give me the 10 pounders!"

    Margo and Lance

  7. those pesky therapists sneaking off with your weights.
    you look fantastic!
    love ya...

  8. Andrew,

    I can't believe the progress your making, but i have to agree with Food-In-Hand, you have to face up to reality. These therapist types just wait for simple good looking injurees to come along so they can experiment with them.
    Just remember that because you're paranoid does not negate that fact that they may be out to get you.

    Keep up the good work,


  9. Andrew -- check this out

    that was probably that fuel system you guys installed that killed my GSXR. Not that it matters since it was stolen anyways. :D


  10. Hi uncle andrew Great to see your making such excellent progress. glad to see your trying so hard. shows us how much heart you got .. keep it up, your looking great.. new place looks awesome.. and the new superman shirt looks good on yah.. say hi to aunt deb for me.. miss yha both.. p.s. nice journal paper looks like its working out for yah.. maggie and i are pleased to see you using it..

  11. There's no stopping you AT, keep it up my friend.
    You make us all proud!


  12. AT,

    The therapists did the same thing to me when I had my accident back in '91 that required building back arm strength. Of course, when I wandered out of my area looking for one of the therapists and noticed a bin stuffed with yellow and purple rubber bands, it didn't matter; I figured the plan was a good one to follow.

    Keep it up, buddy, you'll be out of there in no time!

    Would you trim that damn face carpet again? It's already getting so bushy that you'll have to get a permit from the forestry service if you let it go any farther...


  13. Andrew, you continue to blow my mind. Hope I can make it to LA soon and visit.


  14. hey andrew how is casa colina treating you? I stop by seeing to my patients there now and again. When are you back there for PT? I would think it would be awesome to see how progress is going with the transition at your residence.

    Here's a quote to keep you going

    -What I've learned in my years as a competitive wheelchair athlete is this-what separates a winner from the rest of the pack is not raw talent or physical ability; instead, it is the drive and dedication to work hard every single day, and the heart to go after your dream, no matter how unattainable others think it is.

    -Linda Mastandrea