Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day One: Until Your Arms Fall Off

The therapist Andrew worked with today is known around the Casa as the Queen of Pain. Nuff said.


  1. Hmmmmmm.....Queen of Pain...Sounds sooo familiar....lol!! No wonder you were all smiles today eh!! lol!! Glad to see the new pad!! pretty sweet!! and having big bro there to boot!! I would have to say a pretty darn good day eh??!!
    Spirits were high!! Awsome to see homie!!! Hey that rhymed!!! Im cracking myself up again!! Oh Ricky Bobby stop me!!! ha!!

  2. Great progress! I keep checkin in and you keep inspiring me.

    Daryl Richardson

  3. Man...that's one of the best images I've seen, you sitting up.

    Andre we rode around today on the 600's and we were all thinking about you.

    Got some photos for you, when you get a chance to look. Hope all is well and you're settling in ok ...

    Pomona ... one of the best AMA road courses ever designed in a Wal Mart parking lot!

    Keep up the hard work, and see you soon.


  4. Debbie; If you are going to sneak into the pictures like this you should wear a red and white touque and Andrew's glasses.

  5. Can you give her my number? :-)

  6. She's hot for a dominatrix! Good going, AT. You make us all look like layabouts.

  7. All PT people are sadists. Have fun!

  8. On the contrary, PT's ROCK!

    Andy Milton

  9. Good for you Andrew and Deb
    I check in regularly to see whashappenin.

  10. Just talked to Marty. We have had major blast the last week or so but it's calming down now. He says rain on the weekend. I really can't wait for spring. Your SPRING will be out of there. You are looking great. Kepp up the good work and the spirits. Thinking of you daily, Judi

  11. Get well soon Trev!
    Never met you but you are an inspiration to all!