Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Wheelies Yet

Andrew is still under sitting restrictions so as a temporary solution he is using a prone cart to get around. It’s odd, but he’s getting around pretty good. Yesterday, I tried to help steer a little, but he insisted he could do it himself and he did of course. He never could stand anybody else doing the driving.


  1. Glad to hear that things are moving forward.

    And speaking of moving forward - nice action photo!


    All the best for a quick climb up the rehab curve - you're a real inspiration, Andrew!


    Santa Barbara, CA.

  2. Read about what happened a while ago.

    Just discovered this blog about your progress, read through every single post!

    Please keep us posted.. everyone is anxiously waiting to see you get out.

    -Jack T

  3. Go for it Andrew.
    Barry & Jan

  4. Check out the GUNS on that guy! I can't believe how much your arms have gained in one week.Are they feeding you well ?............

  5. Kent; that wheel disc needs some Sport Rider decals.

  6. Marty is right!! You may find your self gettin in trouble with the Mounties.. carring those "GUNS" around!! Next thing ya know you'll be runnin for Gov. of the State!! Like some other Famous Muscle man! lol... Everything is looking good homie!! Im sure having big Bro there is Helpin a TON!!
    See ya soon!! Still waiting the call to bring some IN n OUT to ya!! Car is ready any time!!!

  7. Make sure his chair is running Bridgestones.

  8. Is the prone one faster, you know, aerodynamics and all, than the regular chair?

    Nice to see all the action on the blog.

    Queen of Pain? It would sound kinky in any other context!


  9. Iam sure glad to here things are going well for you.I know it's not as fast as you would like it to go.I know first hand,I was in a paragliding accident about two and a half years ago. I slammed into a mountain and fell 80 ft.
    Call me sometime.I would love to talk to you.
    Ken lee knows my #
    Iam praying for you.

  10. I believe Tre'V is contracted with
    Corey will owe me some loonies for that one..

  11. Hi Andrew,

    This site is so awesome for me and all the students to keep up to date with you. I have about 2 to 3 calls a day of students asking how you are doing and I always refer them to your blog.

    Thanks, Nita

  12. I think you're pushing the limits of that cart - check your sag, compression and rebound. Lol - Got your book.

    Dat Louie
    Vancouver, BC

  13. Looking good Andrew! Looks like I better get some Shift stickers down to you for that cart!


  14. Fritter Friday...12:00 noon