Thursday, February 5, 2009

He's My Brother

Today I balanced for almost six minutes at the side of the bed, more than two minutes longer than my previous best. After three days at the Casa I'm completely worn-out from all the therapy. But, we're seeing some some real progress so it's all good.

My brother Peter is in town for a few days helping me at the Casa and keeping me company. That's him in the photo helping me balance.


  1. Hi again Andrew,
    Great to see your progress.
    If you were this determined on the track you must have been one hell of a racer,
    also very nice to see what your brother Peter
    looks like. Only one brother and one sister to go and I will have the full set second cousins.
    Thanks again to Deb for her constant info.
    all the best bro
    Barry & Jan

  2. Nice shirt Hoser, Otterville is really cheering for you now! Nice shot Deb and oh tell Peter that our hearts are bleeding for him every time he tells us how cold it is there! It is -25 celcius here (thats about 20f for you muricans).....Marty

  3. Tre'V is Da Man!!! He's puttin everyone to shame!! Go Tre'v Go!!

    And Marty...Us Muricans wear shourrrts in +2 Thats what im talkin boooot!! lol..

  4. As always Andrew, Peter's got your back! As do the rest of us!

  5. Yo-Yo-Yo Lookin' Good Lil'Bro & Big Bro!
    Thawing out in the Great White North.
    Missing the daily Skype adventures.
    Keep on keeping on.
    Love ya all
    CAT the Outlaw :)

  6. Hi Andrew , It's Saturday night and I just read Peter's update. How was that IN & Out burger? $$$ keeps telling us all that you da man but we all know that He's da man too! You my friend have an incredible bunch of Amigos!

  7. It was great to see Andrew in his new place today. He's got the same great attitude and is moving forward beyond all expectations.
    He had a In'n Out burger for lunch today, we all watched with envy. I stole a fry...or two.
    Andrew was wearing this Roots Hoody, it must be government issue...never seen so many Maple Leafs on one piece of!


  8. hi andrew!! you look great...see the hard work is paying off!! i am glad 2 hear u were able to do some push-ups & lift your butt!! keep working hard with your therapies @ casa & will check on you soon!! my husband, fred, found your blog via roadracer x mag...will be looking 4 your article in sportrider:)
    great job, fran (physical therapist, huntington hospital)