Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The forecast calls for SHOWERS

Today marked the end of my sitting restrictions from my bed-sore surgery, meaning I can sit up as long as I want or can handle at a time now. It also means I can take a shower, so I had my first shower in almost four months this morning. Needless to say, I was a bit late for breakfast. Debbie, my friend John (visiting from Canada) and I went for a short tour in the wheelchair for my "wheelchair mobility" hour, and I managed to make it over to the hospital proper and back without help - that's been one of my goals for the last week or so, and I'm glad I could do it.


  1. Awesome! So much progress in one week! And it looks like you got a new chair finally. I bet that made the tour a little easier.

    Pete and Jenny

  2. Of course you could do it...you put your mind to it!! That always happens!! well maybe for you..some of us aren't quite as....well, bad ass!! Thats why "you are the man"!!! Hope to have you on a double double soon!! Hope the field trip went well and let me know how your doing after the "Grillz" come off...

  3. Where's the wheelie bar????


    Nice work Andrew, proud of you!

  4. Great to see you looking so great -- though I miss the Clint Eastwood squit, maybe work on that. Just spend some time around Mikolas and I'm sure it will come back pretty quickly.

    I really liked amyk's comments asking where the wheelie bars are. I was already wondering how long before the stop watch comes out and you're going for lap times.

    Let me know when traction becomes and issue and I'll keep a lookout for some stickie qualifying tires.

    All the Best,

  5. The dangerous part is going to come when Andrew gets around to having a 125 fitted to the wheelchair and combines that with he stopwatch to produce a new sport.

    WheelchairGP being the ultimate goal at 800cc having to work your way through 250 and SuperChair first.

    It all seems like madness, but he's done it once already.