Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A double letdown!

It turns out that my first outing wasn't scheduled for today, it's tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have a doctor's appointment, so I'm not sure that I'll get to go on the field trip. Next week though, for sure. To make today doubly frustrating, I got to try a "pseudo sexy" (according to the therapists) chair instead of my current relic. The new chair is a lot lighter and way easier to roll around, and I took a quick spin in it. Unfortunately, my cushion is too wide for the chair, so I have to wait to get a new cushion before I can use it regularly. Soon though, and I'll be able to go all over the place a lot easier.


  1. Andrew,

    Glad to hear about your new high-performance wheelchair and can't wait to see a photo of it. Hopefully it's PG-rated -- with the pseudo-sexy description, I'm concerned. I know that it's only a matter of time before E Money brings his tools over for a test and tune session. Let the modifications begin!

    Just leave the stunt riding to others for a while and whatever you do, don't listen to any advice that Mikolas has on wheelying.


  2. I can see it now: titanium this, unobtanium that. Then comes the suspension work. What about rubber compounds? I think this will require data acquisition. The mind reels with the possibilities.

    Be forewarned, that we'll all have to intervene if we start seeing chrome floorboards and leather fringe start appearing on your ride!


  3. Sounds like this chair could be sleek enough to draft behind the old relic chair for a sling-shot," Shake and Bake", move in turn four.........Marty

  4. Hey Tre'V! You want me to bring over the Sawllsaw?? If I can make Ice sculptures and Triumph suspention parts with it...surely I can modify the chair to fit the cushion, or Mod the coushion to fit the chair...Let me at it!! let me at it!! we can make anything work!!
    Just say the word and im there bro!!!

  5. Oh!! By the way....How are the choppers now that the grillz are off?? Hope they let you keep the grillz so we can make something out of them!! like a cool bracelet!! lol