Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blowin' the Joint

I managed to go on the outing today after all, we went to downtown Claremont and wheeled around a little bit. It was my first field trip, so it was something close, short, and relatively easy going. My brother Stephen is here for the week, he came along as well and we had a great time wandering around. I was thrilled to get out for even an hour, and was happy that I managed the chair over the various curbs and sidewalks. I even stopped in a bakery and bought a chocolate croissant and a bear claw for tomorrow's breakfast. This afternoon I went to see the doctor that fixed my bed sore and got a good report card on that. No problems with unrestricted wheelchair time, and everything is healing well. He took the last stubborn stitch out, so it won't be long before I can go in the pool!


  1. Sounds as if you both had a good day, what do you think of the outside after 4 months? here's to more outings until the big one where you get to go home! Love Mom

  2. Look at You Buyin donuts ! What a Great sight..........Marty

  3. you look fabulous! so glad the unibomber has left town.
    see you come april in your new place?

  4. Nice to see you "out and about". Glad also that you have left the mountain man look behind, that boyish face is your ace up the sleeve with the ladies... - Japh

  5. You look guilty with those donuts in your lap! Looks like you got caught in the act. Yummy! Very very happy that you got out on your field trip. That must have been wonderful for you to be 'on the outside'. Things are happening in leaps and bounds for you now. We are all so proud of your progress. You are SUPERMAN!

  6. Basil Says" Wow Andrew....Look at you...Woohooooo
    Come up for a National

  7. I agree with Susan...definitely guilty.
    Great to see you getting out there!


  8. Y'know I've got an '86 VFR750 engine layin' 'round in the shop, got the wiring harness, the electronics...
    A sprocket fitted on the chair wheel, some 520 chain, and a twist grip is all we'd need ta wake that chair o' yers UP!?


  9. That is not a guilty look. That is definitely the 'don't touch my food' look. I've seen it before.........


  10. UNREAL! Hey when we come to visit can we go to 21 Choices? The awesome frozen yogurt place in Claremont?
    There is one here in Pasadena and Hayden and I check the flavors of the day online for our favorites.
    Our treat!
    Love the lap blanket Andrew!
    xoo Meg, Hayden and Kent