Friday, February 27, 2009

Going Spazz-tic

The therapists found a cushion for the "pseudo sexy" chair, so I got switched over to that this afternoon and was able to try it out for a while. The manufacturer of the chair is, appropriately enough, Spazz. Using the new chair was like jumping off my old Interceptor street bike and onto a TZ250 racebike, there was that much difference. It felt like every path was downhill compared to on the other chair. "Pseudo sexy" is way lighter, rolls better and actually tracks straight rather than always making me work my bum elbow harder.


  1. You know we can make "Pseudo Sexy" Better and faster and lighter!!! Cant wait!!! Hope all is well, Hows the Choppers after getting the Grillz off?? You ready for In-n-Out next week??

  2. maybe you could instead ride the Piaggio MP3 everywhere?

    Keep up the good work

    Mike W

  3. Hi Trev, I'm very happy to see a great progress,U ROCK MAN!
    Vincent H.

  4. I agree with the Piaggio MP3 comment. I look forward to your progress and blog posts.
    Thanks for getting this going Deb..

  5. Good for you Andrew. I'm reading all the time and keeping in touch with Erin and Marty,

  6. Hey Trev,

    I am happy to see you are progressing! The race season is here and it should be a good one. My first semester in college is going great! I love it!

    Talk to you soon,

    Joshua Henry
    Atlanta, GA

  7. I know where we can get a Briggs and Stratton motor from...

    ...or we go 'green' with two car batteries and a windscreen wiper motor?