Saturday, February 28, 2009

Week 4: Done!


It was quite a week for me: first shower, first outing, a new chair... it was a busy week as well, and I'm ready for a break this weekend for sure. We've been working on transferring from a bench to the wheelchair, and today I felt I helped more than not, so that was another first for me. Transfers are the foundation of everything: chair to bed and back, chair to a car, or chair to a seat; once I get that dialed I'll be able to do all kinds of things.

Everyone seems to have caught on to the fact that I need to gain weight, and brings food when they visit. Sunday was especially busy with donuts as well as some great treats from Porto's Bakery.


  1. Looking Good Tre'V!! lookin good!!!
    (them donuts are looking pretty good too!! even tho there still in the box) lol!

  2. By the looks of all the food its going to be "first" extra hole punched in your belt soon !............Marty

  3. Trev, it was truly good to see you outside enjoying the beautiful weather on Saturday. Your brother and co-workers seem like great folks and the visit was a fine opportunity to reflect on the basic goodness of moto brotherhood. As always, your spirit is inspirational.

  4. Love seeing you (insert Canadian A) "out and About" Andrew... and love the "Pseudo sexy" - LOL

    Keep it up bro


  5. Andrew, you're looking better every day. Keep up with the doughnut therapy, it's obviously working. Maybe you can have your family smuggle in some of the Candian doughnuts that you told me were so great?

    It's also good to see you getting out and about (oot and aboot in Candian) on the new pseudo sexy chair. It looks like it even has wheelie bars, too, good thing with that short wheelbase, I bet.

    If you're looking for another field trip destination, Margo's Cycle Rider shop doesn't sound too far away at 5311 Holt in Montclair (800 738-2925). I know that there are some Sport Rider fans there that would love to see you.

    Keep up the good work and don't slow down on the doughnuts.


  6. Yes you definitely need the Canadians to bring some Tim Hortons doughnuts.
    Glad to see you are getting out and using some of that Moto-gp trickle down technology on your new ride. You're looking good Andrew, keep it up!


  7. It was so great to see you on Saturday, though feel bad we didn't bring any food. Next time for sure -- for you and for me!

    Your progress and attitude is amazing, and I know you'll keep it up.

    See you next week!


  8. Everyone brings food!? Geeze I thought we were the only one. ;-)
    Those arms are looking good, those isometric exercises (butt outa the chair, 15 sec. min.)are showing! You'll be wheelin' with the best of 'em before you know it.

    Hmmm, maybe there's racing, a sanctioning body, I can see it now:
    number plates, safety wire, sponsor stickers, some catchy graphics...
    Maybe after you get that expert license they'll let'cha get rid o' those DOT's?


  9. Try Poutine - works for thousands of Quebecers.


  10. Hey Mister, what ya need is some Beavertails from Hookers , from down in the market. Few of those should be worth a couple pounds!! Looking good!