Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Trip Too Short!


My brother Stephen was here to visit last week. He came to the Casa every day to help me with therapy, and was here for my first outing to downtown Claremont. Our running joke was that he held me down while the therapist tried to rip my elbow off. Together we figured out a lot of things about the wheelchair, and today I saw the results: the loop we originally took almost an hour to complete the first time I did today in just 35 minutes, a huge improvement.

Tomorrow I have my second outing, to a gym for handicapped people. It will be interesting to see what they have, and how I can do similar exercises at the gym at our new apartment. Because I really need more exercise...


  1. Looks like the swelling is quite reduced in that right knee? Last time I saw it it was a globe between two sticks. ;-)
    Great to read (AND see) you've gained some of that weight back!


  2. this blog is going to hell in a handbasket - what is that, sepia?? :-)


  3. No worries. It will be back to blue when I get back on Monday.


  4. Sexy LEGS Andrew! *smile
    Hey, the move is FINALLY over (but Kento's garage is looking like a mess) Can't wait to come down and see you...what are you doing on Sunday?
    Meg, Hayden and Kent

  5. You're right, Andrew. All of our visits have definitely been way to short!