Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Overwhelming...

Kawasaki is putting on a silent auction this Friday and Daytona, with proceeds going to the Getwelltrev fund. They also took contributions from other people in the industry, and those items will be available on Ebay over the next couple of weeks. Unbeleivably, there are between 250 and 300 items in the Ebay auction, including this incredibly trick GSX-R750, and that's in addition to everything that's part of the silent auction. There is a press release on the Sport Rider site. Or you can check out the Ebay auction site.

Many thanks to all the great people at Kawasaki for putting on the silent auction and organizing the Ebay auctions, and thanks as well to the people that have donated the items. It's a bit overwhelming for us to see how much support there is, but we're very grateful and the proceeds will certainly help us out.


  1. We knew all along that we are not the only ones that think You are a good guy........

  2. Word has it that the clippings from the previous "Pumpkinhead/Grizzly Adams" face garden will be up on eBay soon...I'm sure E-Money will be up for that one.

    Seriously though, there's a ton of cool stuff in the auction, everyone should check it out.

    A huge thanks goes out to Jan Plessner, Jeff Herzog, and everyone at Kawasaki Motor Corp (also Sean Alexander of Freeman McCue) for their work in getting this thing running. Also, major kudos to Steve Atlas and everyone at MotorcycleUSA.com for the "Barry Sheene Tribute" GSX-R750, and editor-in-chief David Edwards of Cycle World for donating the "Project V-Twin Sportbike." And to all the industry people who donated products, and all the readers who have sent in donations. We are truly blessed to be in such a wonderful sport that is populated with such great people.


  3. I think that pic should be in colour, sweet!
    Great to spend the afternoon with you today and see, firsthand, how hard you work everyday. The inspiration continues...
    As Kento said, we all are lucky to be part of a group of passionate people second to none. To have met fellow enthusiasts,people that want to learn, and experience what most people dream about is a true privilege. Andrew, you're determination made me proud today. I'm proud to say that Andrew Trevitt is my friend, and it's comforting to know that your family and friends are there for you as well.

  4. Tre 2 the V!!!
    I was wondering if any of the Pumkinhead/Grizzly Adems Face garden trimmings will be up on Ebay?? I'm checking now..cant find em tho eh??
    Its nice to know you have alot of people looking after you!!! It doesn't blow me away because I know how the industry takes care of its own!! im just glad the industry knows what you mean to everyone!! You the man tre'v!!! No doubt about it!!
    Hurry and get back to work!! Im board!! Kento hasn't called me ONCE to do a project bike!! its like I retired!!! lol

  5. Hey E-$$$,

    A certain British bike manufacturer wants to do another racebike project...what say you?



  6. Kawasaki had a great setup out there at Daytona, using a sizable chunk of their tent space for the auction items. I posted a cellphone pic on the Facebook group, and will get the better ones posted as soon as I get them online.

    Lot of good stuff there, and those bikes are sweet!