Monday, March 9, 2009

A Big Night


This is my mom and brother Stephen, wearing shirts that my niece Laura made for everyone to wear to the Daytona party last Friday. The great people at Inglis Cycle organized the night, and had a silent auction for my fund. Word is that it was a great time and the support for me and the rest of the family was overwhelming. Thanks to everyone that went, and thanks a bunch to Gord and Mike Inglis, Rob Jacklin and the rest of the staff for doing such a great job.


  1. Hi, Andrew -

    Excellent - I hope a nice chunk of dough was raised - and well done to the organizers (one and all) for helping out - very cool.

    BTW - I bet you could sell some of those tee shirts - we'd love to buy some and wear them proudly...



    Santa Barbara, CA.

  2. Hey!!!! Wheres the love??? Sounds like Laura has a LOT of work to do now!! And yes...That would be XL Laura :) And not to be a pain, but is there color options as well?? or we stickin with Canadian Red?? I look good in red! Being im part Canadian with my Extended family eh!! lol !! And then Kento can get one and we can be like TWINS!! And then when you get one Tre'V we can become "The Three Canadianteers" lol!!

  3. It WAS a great time! Lots of people, old friends,new friends and a motorcycle race to boot! The support was AWESOME Andrew and people were happy to provide it. There will be at least 10 people who will be riding better this year after buying your book!Many thanks to all who came out, we appreciate your efforts.
    The Trevitt Family

  4. Hi Andrew
    The Daytona party was a blast. Your family is amazing. Your niece helped my wife at the silent auction and commented what a smart and nice girl she was, not sure what side of the family that comes from? Your family all pitched in and worked all night. Your poor mom must of been exhausted. The silent auction went well and we hope the daytona auction is also a great success. We need more books. I think Peter may have the order information. We will promote the book at the shop. Will take some to track days. I won the autographed one and am enjoying reading it. hope you get home soon, sounds like you are making good progress.

  5. Just adding my Two cents from Team Trevitt, that party was a hoot. I met lots of neat people, even a few old guys like me and Peter who also ride FJR's. I'll never forget the young guy who had the winning bid on the Zemke leathers, he was so excited when he came up to get them that he stripped to his underwear and tried them on! Oh by the way Gord, Erin read your comment, I'll be calling a carpenter in the morning to widen all of our doorways (so she can squeeze her head through).
    Hey Emoney you're right these shirts are sweeter than maple syrup mmmmmmmmm, Thanks again Laura...........Marty

  6. Hey, where does Team Trevitt Los Angeles get their shirts??? I need to place an order! *SMILE (and I am NOT kidding)
    Meg/Hayden and K2

  7. Great time was had. Also thanks should be given to the OSR club for their efforts as well. Council members put a lot of work into the night and did a great job promoting it as well.
    Oh, and I love my new Kawasaki watch.

  8. Ohh, and just about finished reading the book too. Hope it helps with my track setup.