Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Local Wildlife


When Stephen was here a couple of weeks ago we found this hummingbird nest in the courtyard. The bird would just fly in and out at times, staying for a few minutes each time. Today, however, it looked like the hummingbird was busy feeding little ones. Looks like spring is here.


Inside the therapy gym there is this little fellow, Coco. She's quite friendly until you try and pet her under her chin. Anywhere else is fine, but get under her chin and she'll give you a little bite.

As you can tell, it was a pretty quiet day at the Casa for me today, with no therapy, but I did have some visitors. It was a nice relaxing day, something I really needed after a busy week. Back to work tomorrow though!


  1. Great to see your gentle side A.T. I recommend to stay away from Coco's chompers, they don't look very forgiving.
    Is it just coincidence that you are reading the James Herriot book "All Creatures"...
    Reminds me of the same book I read for a mandatory report every summer during elementary school, had that thing wired by the third read.


  2. Do I sense a pet adoption coming up at the Trevitt home?

  3. You know, by the look of Coco, I think I might've worked for her dad. The guy had the same happy look on his face. Really ...

    Would I lie to you.
    Well done Trev, you're doin' great.

    : )

  4. Hello Andrew, I've just found this blog site on how you are makin out and I am inspired by your resolve and positive outlook. Hat's off to you and yours. Best wishes