Saturday, March 7, 2009

Week Five: Done!!


Well it was quite a week, but I learned a lot and made some good progress. I learned how to pick stuff up off the floor, which seems simple enough, but there's a technique involved. Coincidentally, today I dropped my hat in the gym and. Lo and behold, I was able to pick it up on my own. Another coincidence was yesterday, when I went for a CAT scan in the hospital. The technician asked how we were going to get me from the chair to the gurney, and I managed most of it myself, so I'm a step closer to getting the transfers down. Trial by fire, for sure, but it's the way to learn things quick! I'm ready for the day off tomorrow after a lot of work over the last few days.

I've also been catching up on e-mails and looking after the blog this week, as Debbie is in Canada right now. That's been keeping me busy, but it's great hearing from people and writing about my exploits here at the Casa. Next week should be interesting, I'll be practicing more transfers and will hopefully get them to the point that I can move myself with no help - that's my goal for the week.


  1. Andrew,
    I'm so impressed with your progress (thanks for keeping us updated on here). I'm not surprised that you are doing so fabulously (I knew you would!), but still very proud of you.
    Hang in there and keep up the hard work!
    -Briana (OT)

  2. Great job Tre-V. Its the small tasks like picking something off the floor or tying your own shoe that are huge steps in the right direction. That takes massive amounts of effort and determination. I am really proud of you big guy.

    hugs from Canadia

  3. It's been impressive reading about your progress and positive 'tude Trev - keep the effort going strong!


  4. Andrew...You are amazing...

    Wish I had your phone # at the Casa. I'd love to talk to you in Deb's absence.

    I love you and hope to hear from you soon.


  5. i'll go take a nap for you.
    all my love

  6. Inspirational Andrew - Keep it up bud.


  7. just a little note for Debbie......
    My condolencies to you, that your mother past away.....
    Did not get a chance to meet with you at the Funeral Service during you short visit at Canada......... so keep well !!