Friday, March 20, 2009



It was a pretty easy day as far as therapy goes, I did one hour first thing this morning, then it was off to Pasadena to see the orthopedic surgeon about my elbow. There's a lot of bone buildup on the inside of the joint, which is what's stopping me from flexing more than 90 degrees. Evidently the treatment is a bit controversial as far as when to remove the bone. Some think early removal causes it to just grow back quicker, others think getting it out soon and a bit of radiation treatment to stop it coming back is the ticket. We'll find out more in a few days.

This afternoon I had another appointment, this time with the podiatrist to have my feet checked out and my toenails trimmed. Everything looks good down there. Evidently there are a few things that can go wrong. One is calluses from the foot rail at the bottom of the chair, another is ingrown toenails. Oddly enough, no one here at the Casa can trim my nails, it has to be done by the podiatrist because there is some danger involved now.

Today is Debbie's birthday, we celebrated with cupcakes from the Some Crust bakery in Claremont. Happy birthday dear!


  1. Hi, Andrew -

    So glad to keep seeing the gradual and constant progression of new achievements, breakthroughs, and progress toward independence.

    You continue to be an inspiration - keep up the great work!


    Santa Barbara, CA.

  2. Hey, those are some of my favorite movies. Check out Murder my Lovely with Dick Powell (Raymond Chandler).

    Yes, life changes when the old spinal cord gets snapped. Mine happened in December of '06 when some road rage case rear-ended me and folded me and my XB9SX into a cheese omelet.

    After 11 months in the hospital/nursing homes/SCI rehab I'm back at work, glad to be alive. Miss riding, and my bikes, but that's the way it goes.

    Making a big road trip tomorrow behind the wheel of my new Handi Van ('99 Chrysler Towne & Country with all the handi stuff). Driving to Phoenix to visit Rick Sieman in his new digs, might be moving to Arizona myself pretty soon. Giant houses for low bucks.

    Keep strong.

    Matt Cuddy
    Burbank, Ca
    (T-12 complete)

  3. Hey Andrew, just got my signed copy of "Sportbike Suspension Tuning". Awesome book. Wish I had bought it a long time ago. I'm stuck in the recliner with it tonight! Glad your progress is still going well.

    North CArolina

  4. Nice Cupcakes! Happy Birthday to a fellow Ides of March gal! Sounds like your list of accomplishments is getting pretty long now Andrew.
    Keep steady and stay strong.
    Lots of Love from the Great White North
    Caroline (the Outlaw) :)

  5. Andrew,

    Now you've got me interested in every wheelchair I see. While we were watching the races at Fontana today, Margo and I saw this ultra-trick metal-flake green chair with blinged-out polished forged wheels that looked like they're made by Roland Sands Design. Turns out it's our buddy Stu Goddard in the seat and he said he's already got a visit planned to see you at Casa in a few days.

    Have some sunglasses nearby. It's a bit much for your humble personality but quite eye-catching all the same. He also wheelies so effortlessly that it looks like he has a hidden gyro somewhere. Be sure to ask him for lessons.


  6. Happy Birthday Deb! Those are some tasty looking cupcakes. How long did they last before Andrew "Where-are-my-double-portions?" Trevitt had them within reach? ;-) Hope none of the new pictures are as boaring as the last.

    Pete And Jenny

  7. Trev got pedicure? Wow, that's some fancy place there! :-)

    Happy Birthday to Deb! The cupcakes look scrumptious!