Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting Outdoors

Today's outing was to the Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucamonga. It's a huge outdoors store with fishing and hunting supplies. I could only stay a little while as I had to get back to the Casa, but it was nice to get out even for a bit. I'll have to go back someday, they have loads of stuffed animals and interesting displays.

As for progress, I like to call many of the activities my trained monkey act. Now that I've got a handle on dressing myself, today I had to do it while balancing in long sitting pose - I couldn't put the head of the bed up for support. Of course, the therapist couldn't help as she was helping another client, so again I had her leave me with the clothes. 15 minutes later when she came back, I was done, including those dang stockings. Every time I manage some task, they add on to it with something else more challenging, which is why I call it trained monkey act.


  1. Clang-clang-clang!!!!

    Keep smashing those symbols my friend - you make a pretty smart monkey:)


  2. I thot that pic was of some AMA/DMG officials at Fontana!! Opps!! My bad!!
    Keep it up Tre'V!! We got In-N-Out comin when I get back Monday!!!
    Hmmmmm??? Wonder if I can get you to do Tricks for a Shake?? lol!!!

  3. I don't know if anyone noticed the irony of this picture in today's post. Take note of a comment in yesterday's blog from Andrew's British cousins Barry and Jan. In it they asked for a picture of Andrew and Debbie together. Is this the best picture that you had of the two of you Andrew?! Sorry, but I couldn't resist!
    P.S. Very Happy Birthday today Debbie.

  4. Would you believe we have one of those hanging in our basement? We do! (Happy B-Day Debbie and PS. it looks nothing like you!).


  5. Susan!!! That's just-plain-wrong!...but I have to give you style point's on that one.

    Happy B-day Deb!


  6. AT - you're ready for AMA racing, as it's proven to be not driving from track to track, but Bass Pro Shop to Bass Pro Shop. I usually stay behind in the rental van and read the owners manual. Happy to read your updates - keep it up!

  7. Hey!
    It's Camille...
    Hope your doing good...
    My best wishes...